Perhaps you care about solving a specific problem, accomplishing a goal or establishing a good habit — or ending a bad one. It is about getting from a current (problem) state to different (solution) state.

There is usually more than one path from here to there.

We can compare the paths and examine how they differ. In reality, it is not just about the path, but also about walking it. It is as much about the person, who has to do so.


To the extent that it is you, who has to get from here to there, the right path is the one that works for you. Whether this is about a literal path to walk or the right method or system to solve a challenge, it is only possible to be effective, if you are actually going to invest yourself in it.

Some will require more investment than others and of course, you change over time. What was right a year ago, may not be right today.


You can see this everywhere. Here are just a couple of examples.


There is a nice treadmill in this household. Though I thought differently at first, it is not for me. I tried and could not get myself to keep using it. Eventually, it moved into the closet, where it has been holding up books and miscellaneous boxes for years now.

I do enjoy running though — as long as it takes place outside. In the street or on trails, alone or with friends, rain or shine — it is all good.


We all have our own preferences when it comes to learning. I like books, a lot. Video-based courses with interactive quizzes cover largely the same material you can also get from books, but those courses might work much better for you, if you know you will not sit down and peruse dozens of pages of (perhaps) dense text.

Likewise, you may already know that you will not succeed with online learning, because maybe you are best, if you get to learn in person with a group of peers and a skilled instructor.


In that spirit, here is a handy diagram.

Which set are you working with?


This is not just about individuals. Of course that matters, but it applies to teams, groups, organizations, too. You care about what works, but it has to match you.

The right approach is the one that is effective and that you will use.


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