This is the first (and with luck, not the last) post on this blog. An introduction seemed fitting. I will try to explain the title and talk about what to expect. So, this is roughly equal parts explanation and reasoned guessing.

Questions considered?

I enjoy reading carefully and examining questions. Writing can be a wonderful way to clarify thinking. At times, it is humbling. I am content doing this by myself with no audience at all. Examining questions, thinking through writing, often pen and notebook close at hand.

What I post here, I found valuable at the time when I wrote it and most likely during at least a few subsequent readings. Whether you see value in it, probably at minimum depends on you and on it. If you find yourself reading here and thinking about what you are reading, I would love to hear from you. Tell me where I am wrong, tell me where our perspectives differ or if you saw something interesting.

I do not claim there is value or importance in any given post you find here. However, I will say this: Working through questions often leads to more (and frequently more interesting) questions. For better or worse, every post here will have gone through iterations in some form, where I examined not one but several questions on the subject matter eventually covered in the post.

But what is this about?

I tend to spend my free time thinking about knowledge acquisition, problem solving, reasoning, decision making, technology, software engineering, complexity, change, and so forth. As such, I expect to be covering subjects in those areas on this blog. My interests have changed in the past and they will likely continue to evolve in the future. This blog will reflect that.

At the time of this introduction, my various notebooks have me believing that I can shoot for one new blog post per week. Then again, I do want to be mindful of the commitments I make for my future self: Let’s wait and see what the actual data bears out in a few months.

Welcome. This should be interesting.



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