It has been just over a year since I posted the introduction for this experiment. It is a good time to do a bit of a review and then once again guess a little about the future.

Looking back

There were a few guesses made a year ago. Let’s take a look.


I had hoped the introduction was not going to be the only post and thought I could shoot for one post per week. It ended up being thirty-six posts. That is not perfect, but it is much closer to weekly than not.


I had nothing in mind there, but over the months, one reader in particular surprised me: My daughter (10).

That is very good with me. She is pretty great.


This morning, at breakfast, she asked: “What is your blog about?”

“That … is a great question. What do you think?

“Not fair …!”

I know.


The premise held, even if specific subject matter may have surprised me along the way: Questions. I like a good question and I love different questions asked to probe specific ideas. I encounter this most when running or writing to think with an actual pen in a paper notebook.

I have found it useful to write and I appreciate the written; it is about the thinking and the thoughts. This blog has been useful and fun enough in that regard that I plan to do more of it here.


What to expect here over the coming twelve months?

Weekly writing (this seems more believable now than it was then) related to thinking, learning and decision making. My notes from the last few months suggest additional topics, but I am going to stop myself here.

Writing to think. In that spirit, I hope to write more clearly in the coming months than the previous ones.


The main point still stands:

This should be interesting.

Otherwise, it would really not be worth it.




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  1. jrsims Avatar

    Congratulations! 36 posts is something to be proud of! I’ve learned a bit here and there as well!

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